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DJ Uncle Waffles is the up-and-coming-female DJ setting the internet on fire. The 21-year-old amapiano artist gained popularity after she posted a video of herself dancing and DJing in front of a hyped-up crowd. She even gained a follow from rapper Drake.

What is Uncle Waffles real name?
Lungelihle Zwane, popularly known as Uncle Waffles, is a South African female DJ making waves in the music industry. Born and raised in Swaziland, has always been passionate about music.
Are Uncle Waffles straight?
Rumours have been flying that Uncle Waffles, the sensational South African disc jockey and producer, is trans. But is she? The songstress is having none of that rumour and has come out to public address it — to put the records straight.
Does Drake follow Uncle Waffles on Instagram?
The 35-year-old caused an online frenzy in 2021 when started following her on Instagram. He has been an Uncle Waffles “stan” ever since. His latest shout-out also has social media users talking. Many believe Drake’s endorsement will help catapult her to international stardom.
How old is Uncle Vinny?
His parents are from KwaZulu Natal’s south coast; therefore, he is originally from KwaZulu Natal. This makes him South African and not Zimbabwean. How old is Uncle Vinny? Vincent Kabelo is now 20 years old.
Who is Uncle Waffles signed under?
But what does it mean? It’s been 13 years since Drake burst onto the scene with his moody and eccentric EP So Far Gone.
What did Uncle Waffles do in the UK?
DJ Lungelihle “Uncle Waffles” Zwane’s UK debut tour has had trolls up in arms on social media, and her fans are not having it. Since gaining stardom after a video of her dancing to Young Stunna’s Adiwele went viral in 2021, the DJ has faced social media scrutiny.
Is Uncle waffle a gender?
Born to Eswatini parents (Siyane Zwane – mother), Uncle Waffles who is formerly known as Lungelihle Zwane is female by birth and was born on April 4, 2000. This makes her one of the youngest and most successful female DJs in South Africa at the age of 22, this year.
Is Uncle Vinny related to Uncle Waffles?

He introduced the world to Uncle Vinny when he was still a young boy. Over the years, the two grew a close relationship. Riky Rick also had a bond with Uncle Waffles.


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