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Speedo are one of the most renowned swimwear Brands in the world. They’re a regular sponsor for national teams at the Olympics and their gear has long been used by professionals. Their reputation is all for good reason – the company produce some of the highest quality swimwear out there on the market.

Which brand is best for bikini?
Abercrombie. Abercrombie. Abercrombie’s having a comeback (though we don’t think its cult-favorite classic styles ever left). Aerie. Aerie. Agua Bendita. Anthropologie; Revolve. Amazon. Amazon. Cupshe. Cupshe. Frankies Bikinis. Frankies Bikinis. J. Crew. Lulus. Lulus.
What is so special about the Speedo LZR swimsuit?
So what is so special about the LZR Racer? According to Speedo, the suit reduces drag, or water resistance, by 38% compared with an ordinary LYCRA suit. This reduction in drag translates into approximately a 4% increase in speed for swimmers.
Is a Speedo a bikini?
You want a bikini that can run, jump and go down that waterslide ON you, not behind you. With Speedo bikinis, you don’t have to sit out beach volleyball or worry about jumping off that platform. Speedo bikinis work hard while you play hard.
Are speedos revealing?
And even though Speedo is technically a brand—with a full range of performance-based swimwear and accessories, thank you—the brand is synonymous with its tight, revealing, freeing, brief. It’s known for the brief because it’s the standout piece of swimwear.
What are the top 3 swim brands?
Arena is another extremely popular swimming brand and is the final of the top three (Speedo, TYR, Arena) most popular brands in the world.
What can I wear instead of a bathing suit?
Manufacturers offer swim bottoms as shorts, skirts, skorts, capris, or tights. You can even find swim dresses! Many of these pieces look like normal street wear. That means you can use them as part of your capsule wardrobe.
What is Cupshe?
Cupshe is a beachwear brand inspired by and created for the most vibrant, fun, and fearless women all over the world. Since our inception in 2015, we’ve built an incredible community of women who move forward in confidence, comfort, and style.
How do you wear a two piece bikini?
The top edge of the bikini bottoms should sit along your hips, crossing over each hip bone below your belly button. In the back, they should hug your bottom tightly. Depending on the style you’re wearing, they’ll provide either full or partial cheek coverage. Your bikini bottoms should not sag or droop.


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