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Every person with small boobs should have a string bikini in their wardrobe. You know the kind we’re talking about: triangle cups and slender tie-up straps. H&M’s bargain bikini is cleverly constructed with moulded push-up cups to give instant cleavage.

What swimsuits look good on girls with small boobs?
Because smaller chests tend to need less support (plus, your chances of an accidental nip slip are lower), they look great in plunge necklines, bandeaus, and classic triangle bikinis. Want to make them appear fuller? Style details like ruffles, ruching, and tie-fronts accentuate the bust area.
What are small bikini called?
Microkini. These are extra skimpy bikinis. It’s extra short so you should wear these on a couple holiday or even a honeymoon.
What is cheeky cut?
Cheeky panties earn their name thanks to their cheekiness in both attitude and cut. They feature narrower fabric across your bum than a typical bikini cut, but significantly more coverage than a thong. The cheeky cut creates a flirty, playful look that still offers moderate coverage.
What does cheeky bottom mean?
A cheeky bikini bottom has a V shape cut. This style gives you slightly less coverage than your regular bikini bottom as it shows more of your buttocks. This bikini bottom style is perfect if you want to make your legs seem longer and show of a bit of skin! It is the perfect style for a flirty look!
What is a Fauxkini?
Fauxkini – A women’s swimsuit that looks like a two piece tankini but is actually a one piece bathing suit.
Whats the difference between cheeky and Brazilian?
The back of a brazilian has higher cut outs showing off your bum, showing more skin than a cheeky. This cut has more like a Y shape instead of a V from a cheeky style.
What is Brazilian cut?
Brazilian style knickers have high-cut legs and sit low across the hips. The back is wider than a thong but smaller than a full brief, covering the top half of your bum. The Brazilian cut is all about confidence!


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