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The singer Pink accused a 14-year-old YouTuber’s parents of having “exploited” their daughter by allowing her to be photographed in a bikini. Piper Rockelle, who has over 8 million subscribers on YouTube, where she’s known for participating in pranks and challenges, disputed the claim in a statement to Insider.

Is Piper Rockelle famous on TikTok?
TikTok Followers: 7.9M. Instagram Followers: 5M.
Why is Piper Rockelle popular?
Piper Rockelle is a 14-year-old YouTuber with over 8 million subscribers. She started posting on YouTube in 2016, and she has major followings on Instagram and TikTok. This week, Pink accused Rockelle’s parents of exploiting her by photographing her in a bikini. Visit Insider’s homepage for more stories.
Does Piper have a dad?
Bill Chapman is the father of Piper and Cal Chapman and is the patriarch of the Chapman family.
What happened to Piper’s mum?
YouTuber bids tearful goodbye amid ongoing abuse lawsuit. YouTuber Piper Rockelle recently bid goodbye to her mother Tiffany Smith as the latter left for Georgia to take care of her parents. The social media star posted an emotional video, titled “Saying Goodbye To My Mom,” documenting the situation.
Who is Tiffany to Piper Rockelle?
The Los Angeles Superior Court complaint was brought Wednesday and names as defendants Tiffany Rockelle Smith, the mother of 14-year old YouTube personality Piper Rockelle; their business Piper Rockelle Inc.; and Hunter Hill, identified in the suit as the 25-year-old live-in boyfriend of the 40- year-old Smith and the
How old is Piper Rockelle today?
Born on 21 August 2007, Piper Rockelle’s age is 14 years as of 2022. She was born and brought up in an upper-class family from Atlanta, Georgia, United States.
Did Piper rockelle go to school?
Piper Rockelle Wiki:- She took birth on August 21, 2007, in Georgia, United States. Piper Rockelle Smith is her birth name. As of 2021, her age is 14 years old. She received her basic education from a well-known private school.
What does Piper rockelle make?
Piper Rockelle’s annual salary is over $ 300,000.
Is Piper Rockelle a Leo?
Zodiac sign of Piper Rockelle is Leo.
Who is in the Piper Squad 2021?
We were so excited to welcome YouTuber Piper Rockelle and her squad members—Jenna Davis, Emily Dobson, Symonne Harrison, Ruby Lightfoot, and Claire Rocksmith—to our photo studio in Los Angeles.


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