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Here are 24 top-rated swimwear picks for men, including our experts’ favorites.
Bonobos Throwback Swim Trunks. Outerknown Nomadic Volley. Bather Ssense Exclusive White Recycled Polyester Swim Shorts. Speedo Men’s Swim Trunk Short Length Redondo Solid. Speedo Men’s Swimsuit Brief. Boss Jersey Swim Briefs.

What do male swimmers wear under their suits?
From a male perspective, most men’s swim trunks and shorts have additional lining and/or padding in the crotch area, which acts as a substitute for underwear. Usually, the lining is a mesh material with small holes.
What is a male bikini called?
Trunks are the most common men’s swimwear in North America. They look similar to shorts worn as clothing on land, but are made from light, fast-drying materials (usually nylon or polyester) and feature a tighter-fitting lining inside the shorts.
What can men wear while swimming?
A swim suit is the absolute minimum of clothing that most men will wear in public, which is all the more reason to make it count. While technically swimwear is anything you wear in the water, men’s swimwear comes in four major shapes: the trunk, the board short, the boxer-brief, and the brief (speedo).
How can a guy look good in the pool?
Go with a cute pair of flat, open-toed shoes, like sandals or flip flops, that complement your outfit and are easy to slip on and off. Avoid high wedges and heels since those can look a little formal at the pool. For guys, go with low top or slip-on sneakers, boat shoes, or casual loafers.
Can male swimmers wear full bodysuits?
The new rules call for textile-only fabric. Men’s suits can only extend from the waist to the knees (called jammers), and women’s suits are limited from the shoulders to the knees. All suits must be inspected by FINA prior to each competition, and each one must have a tag on the back that signifies FINA’s approval.
Why do men’s swimsuits have netting?
The main purpose of the net inside a pair of swim trunks is to provide support while swimming, according to Dry Fins, a function-first swimwear company. The netting hugs the crotch area and sits close to the body, much like men’s underwear.
Why do men in water polo wear Speedos?
If you’re still curious about water polo and want to know why they wear Speedos, or multiple Speedos, there is a reason. Water polo is an aggressive sport and players are constantly pulling and grabbing at one another. So if you wear a Speedo, it gives your opponents less material to grab.
Are Speedos coming back?
These skimpy swimming trunks have left many people divided for decades but the comeback is on! Just like most other types of fashions, Speedos have been up and down, which is very similar to the appearance of a man running along the beach in a pair of the famous swimming attire.
What do you call a man’s skimpy bathing suit?
A banana hammock is a revealing, tight-fitting men’s bathing suit, or sometimes a similarly fashioned pair of men’s briefs.
What do lap swimmers wear?
Briefs (aka “Speedos)

The swim brief—more commonly known as the “Speedo”—is the most common suit swimmers wear in practice and during lap swimming. They provide a high range of freedom, are cheap, and because they are almost always made of polyester, last a long time.
How do men hide the beach fat?
How to Dress For the Beach If You’re Fat
Wear Dark Colors. Image via Complex Original. Consider Horizontal Stripes. Image via Complex Original. Avoid Tank Tops. Don’t Wear Elastic Waistbands; Consider a Longer Inseam. Hawaiian Shirts. Get Your Size Right. Opt for a V-neck T-Shirt. Don’t be “That Guy” With HIs Shirt Always On.


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