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how to wear high waisted boyfriend jeans – What can I wear with high-waisted ripped boyfriend jeans?
High Waisted Ripped Jeans

To create a bold look, find high-waisted ripped jeans that are super distressed and finish the look with powerful combat boots, a studded leather jacket and white t-shirt. For an effortless look, wear your slightly ripped jeans with a sweater and flat booties or classic sneakers.
How are boyfriend jeans supposed to be worn?
Boyfriend jeans have a loose fit, which can easily morph into sloppy. Keep the look tidy by rolling them up loosely to a crop length. They should sit a few inches above your ankle, but this isn’t a hard-and-fast rule. Go with the length that feels right, based on your height and the choice of shoes.
how to wear high waisted boyfriend jeans – What body type should wear high-waisted jeans?
High-Rise. This fit is often viewed as “retro” but the truth is, it’s classic. Athletic body types with smaller waists will love this fit. Hourglass shapes on the slender side look fantastic in high rise jeans with stretch.
What kind of top do you wear with boyfriend jeans?
With a Plain White Tee

A high quality white T-shirt with denim is a recipe for success. Not only will both items last you forever, they’ll also go with everything else in your closet. Elevate the look by wearing sleek all-black accessories.
how to wear high waisted boyfriend jeans – How do I style my boyfriend jeans 2020?
Keep your look cool by styling a slouchy pair of jeans with a black bomber jacket and strappy heels à la Gisele. Go for Gigi’s model off-duty look with a t-shirt, leather moto jacket, and menswear-inspired loafers. Take Lily Aldridge’s sexy route and style the loose jeans with a tight lace-up bodysuit for a sleek look.
How do you wear curvy boyfriend jeans?
As you’re on the hunt for a new pair of boyfriends (or boyfriend), look for jeans that have at least a mid to high-rise to accentuate your curves and keep that cool and casual look of boyfriend jeans going. Let your jeans play up your curvier shape and track down boyfriend jeans that have a slightly tapered ankle.
how to wear high waisted boyfriend jeans – What is the difference between girlfriend and boyfriend jeans?
Typically, boyfriend jeans have a relaxed cut with a low waist, a baggy seat, and loose legs down to the leg opening. In contrast, girlfriend jeans have a higher waist that usually rests at or above your natural waistline and tapered legs that narrow from the knee to the ankle instead of hanging loose and straight.
What can I wear with boyfriend jeans 2021?
A great pair of boyfriend jeans can be dressed up and styled as chic as ever. A fitted top keeps you looking cool and tailored. Or try adding a classic blazer and a sleek pair of heels for a fashionable, sophisticated, so on point look!
how to wear high waisted boyfriend jeans – How can I look skinny in boyfriend jeans?
Darker shades are a safe bet

As we know, darker colors are best for creating a slimmer effect. So when choosing your boyfriend jeans, stick to medium to dark wash denim as opposed to lighter shades of blue to keep your legs looking slim.
What is the difference between boyfriend jeans and mom jeans?
While a mom jean usually has a tapered cut, a boyfriend-style jean tends to have a straight cut. Although boyfriend jeans can be full length, they can also be worn cropped with either a cuff at the bottom or have a ragged hem. Boyfriend jeans are actually meant to be worn looser than a mom jean.
how to wear high waisted boyfriend jeans – How can I hide my belly in high-waisted jeans?
Pick tops that reach between your hips and the top of your thighs. Whether you have chosen a fitted or asymmetrical top to wear with your jeans, this is the most flattering length that will work to hide your stomach.
How do I look good in high-waisted jeans?
How to Wear High Waisted Pants and Jeans – 21 Dos and Don’ts
Wear With a Tucked-in Top. Avoid Overly Blousy Tops. Wear With Crop Tops. Avoid Bras or Crop Tops That Are Too Revealing. Wear with Long Jackets. Avoid Short, Bulky Jackets. Wear in a Flared Style. Avoid Overly Flared Legs.
how to wear high waisted boyfriend jeans – Should I wear high-waisted jeans with a tummy?
Look for high-waisted jeans that are boyfriend cut or bootcut denim to balance out your proportions. Avoid high-waisted jeans with no give in the waist, as this will squeeze your stomach and you will feel uncomfortable wearing them.
How do I style my boyfriends jeans 2022?
Crop tops are trendy in 2022 and make the perfect compliment to a pair of boyfriend jeans, adding more femininity to an otherwise masculine or gender neutral look. If you’re feeling uncomfortable wearing a crop top without coverage, adding a blazer or cardigan is a great way to wear the trend a bit more modestly.
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