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What is the Best Yarn for Crochet Swimwear?
100% Cotton Yarns. Cotton is the first go to for bikinis. Alize Diva Stretch. Alize Diva Stretch is such a beautiful yarn. Yarn Bee Comfy Classic. This is a relatively new yarn. Nako Comfort Stretch. Cascade Fixation. Swim From Ice Yarns.

Can you crochet a swimsuit?
For a crochet bikini to be used as swimwear, it should ideally be made out of materials that won’t absorb much water, and that wont get super heavy if it does. This rules out regular cotton and wool, but certain blends of cotton or acrylic would work.
Is acrylic yarn good for crochet bikini?
Synthetic, acrylic yarns are usually best for swimwear. They hold up well and do not hold water when wet. They also dry quickly, meaning you don’t have to worry about walking around in a wet swimsuit for a long time. Bamboo and silk blends are also ideal.
What yarn is waterproof?
Kathleen and Nick Greco, partners in Dimensional Illustrators, Inc., developed Jelly Yarn® to create waterproof durable creative crafting projects. The yarn is a round pliable waterproof 100% vinyl strand, not fiber.
What yarn is best for crochet tops?
Acrylic yarn: Overall, acrylic is a popular fiber with crochet enthusiasts; acrylic is widely available, it comes in a variety of colors, and it is usually one of the more affordable choices for yarn. Acrylic yarn is a more-than-acceptable choice for beginners.
Are crochet tops see through?
Crochet dresses are always a standout and there’s something very attractive about their 70s appeal. They’re a perfect summer piece and can be worn alone see-through over your swimsuit or you can wear them out with a slip dress underneath, if the knit pattern is too wide.


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