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cartilage piercing earrings south africa – What type of earring is best for cartilage piercing?
Labret studs or posts typically have a flat back and have short bars, similar to regular earrings. They are extremely versatile and suited for any cartilage piercing. Additionally, they’re perfect if you’re looking for a casual everyday earring. Dangling cartilage piercings or shields make more of a fashion statement.
What is the best cartilage piercing to get?
The classic l ear lobe piercing is by far the most popular piercing. If you don’t already have one, it’s an excellent piercing for beginners because of it causes little pain, heals fairly easily, and is a very low-risk piercing.
cartilage piercing earrings south africa – What ear is most common for cartilage piercing?
Helix: Your standard cartilage piercing and the most popular style, located on the upper, outer rim of your ear. Rook: This piercing is located in the upper ear through what is known as the antihelix — aka the fold that’s right beneath the rim, or helix of the ear.
Can you put any earrings in cartilage?
You may wear only a single cartilage earring, and that’s the main reason for which you may buy them as singular pieces most of the time. You may wear it on the upper part of your ear, aka the “cartilage.”
cartilage piercing earrings south africa – Is a hoop or stud better for cartilage piercing?
Is a Hoop or Stud Better for Cartilage Piercings? It is always better to get a cartilage piercing initially done with a stud. It is easier for the piercing to heal on a long, straight post rather than a curved post.
What metal is best for cartilage piercings?
There are a few materials approved by the Association of Professional Piercers (APP), but implant-grade titanium is the one most piercers recommend for initial piercings. Here’s why: It’s nickel-free.
cartilage piercing earrings south africa – Which cartilage piercing heals fastest?
Earlobe piercings are the most standard, comfortable, and fastest healing type you can get. In fact, over 80% of Americans have their earlobes pierced.
What is the most painful ear piercing?
The snug piercing is known to be the most painful ear piercing for the majority of people to receive. On the pain scale, it ranks at around a 9/10 compared to other piercings. However, keep in mind that even the most painful piercings will likely hurt less than getting a paper cut.
cartilage piercing earrings south africa – What piercing hurts the most?
Most Painful Piercings
Helix. The helix piercing is placed in the cartilage groove of the upper ear. Rook. While less common than other piercings on this list, the rook can look amazing if matched with the right jewelry. Conch. Industrial. Dermal Anchor. Nipple. Lip. Navel (Belly Button)
Do cartilage piercings get infected easily?
Cartilage piercings, which take place on the harder part of your ear, generally take longer to heal and can be more prone to infection. There are several ways your ear piercing can get infected. Any bacteria left to fester can quickly turn into an infection.
cartilage piercing earrings south africa – What piercings heal the fastest?
Although it may sound like a scarier piercing to get, tongue piercings actually have some of the fastest healing times. Healthline gives an estimate of about six to eight weeks for the piercing to heal completely, but depending on your body, tongues can heal as quickly as four weeks with proper care.
How long until I can sleep on my cartilage piercing?
When Can I Sleep on My Cartilage or Helix Piercing? This is a tough one, especially because the helix piercing can take many months and sometimes even more than a year to heal. Usually, it’s safe to sleep after 3 to 4 months.
cartilage piercing earrings south africa – Is sterling silver okay for cartilage piercings?
Sterling silver body jewelry is safe to wear in healed piercings. But it should never be in an unhealed piercing or in a piercing in a moist area of the body.
When can you wear hoops in cartilage?
After six months for earlobes and 12 months for cartilage, it’s okay to switch from light stud style earrings to light dangling earrings and hoops!
cartilage piercing earrings south africa – Are Helix earrings different?
A helix piercing is any piercing made to the upper cartilage of the ear – but there are different kinds of helix piercings. A standard helix piercing is made in the outer upper cartilage, but you can also get forward, backward, double or even triple helix piercings.


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