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bride sotho traditional wedding dresses – What do Sotho brides wear?
Sotho Couple In Traditional Wedding Attire

Masotho bride in Shweshwe dress, Headwrap and cape Basotho blanket. Groom in Basotho blanket, Shweshwe inspired top and kobo hat.
What is the bride wearing in African traditional wedding?
In the Umabo, the African traditional wedding attire means a bride wears a isidwaba, which is a leather skirt, a isicwaya, which is skin to cover her breasts, and a inkehli, which is a hat to cover the head. The bride is also adorned with colourful beads, which are also worn by her bridesmaids.
bride sotho traditional wedding dresses – What color do African brides wear?
Brides are usually spotted wearing yellow and gold tones, and often sporting a headdress made of fabric or beading.
What do Pedi brides wear?
The Pedi traditional attire is the most colourful of the South African Traditional Dresses. SePedi attire is made mostly in combinations of bright pinks, turquoise, Yellow sometimes blue and white. The rich and vibrant colours represent happiness.
bride sotho traditional wedding dresses – What happens in a Sotho wedding?
Today many marriages occur after “shobela” (eloping); when the man and his friends take away his bride to his home. The bride is then received with an animal slaughtered to celebrate, as if a wedding had already taken place. Her belongings are then sent after her.
What does the Sotho outfit represent?
The Sotho display the mokorotlo in their homes, indicating that they uphold the customs and acknowledge their bonds with their Balimo. It also serves to protect the home against danger and other evil influences. The hat is an important part of Sotho cultural attire that is worn to reflect national identity and pride.
bride sotho traditional wedding dresses – Which traditional dress is best?

One of the most wonderful traditional dresses of India, Sari is probably the outfit that describes and depicts an Indian woman. Generally talking about Indian women makes you picture a beautiful young woman clad in a gorgeous sari. What is a sari?
Who pays for the wedding in Africa?
An example of this is the common practice of bridewealth in Africa, particularly among the Zulu people. Bridewealth is when a groom’s family pays the bride’s family in traditional forms such as livestock, food and clothing to confirm the marriage. In modern practice, the payment is typically in forms of cash.
bride sotho traditional wedding dresses – What do you wear to a traditional wedding?
Evening wear is most appropriate here. For men, this typically means a dark tuxedo, a white dress shirt, a coordinating bow tie, a cummerbund, and suspenders (optional), says Corry. Dress shoes, like oxfords, are suitable. Women can wear either a long gown or a dressy cocktail dress.
How many days is an African wedding?
After the lobola, the South African bride and groom will have a wedding ceremony which normally takes three days and starts on a Friday. On that day, the groom’s family goes to the bride’s family house.
bride sotho traditional wedding dresses – What is the African traditionalists custom at weddings?
The wedding ceremonies of Swazi and Zulu traditionalists involve elaborate rituals aimed at ensuring the future cooperation of the ancestors of the bride and groom. Among them is the practice of slaughtering an ox and attaching gall bladders to the bride’s head.
What is a Nigerian wedding?
Essentially, the Nigerian ceremony is a traditional engagement. It goes back to being in Nigeria, where the couple would bring their two families together—often from two different villages—to meet one another and approve of their engagement so that they could be married.
bride sotho traditional wedding dresses – What happens at a Sepedi traditional wedding?
A Sepedi wedding is not held in a church but at the home of the bride or groom. Once the bride is dressed for her wedding, she will go down to the river and collect enough water and wood for the ceremony. Her dress will be made from cow hide and is called a dintepa. The groom may choose to wear a suit for the big day.
What do Pedi culture eat?
Traditional Pedi food consisted of; thophi (a meal which is made from maize mixed with a fruit called lerotse), morogo wa dikgopana (spinach cooked and given a round shape and left to dry up in the sun).
bride sotho traditional wedding dresses – What is the Pedi culture?
Pedi, also called Transvaal Sotho, Northern Sotho, or Bapedi, a Bantu-speaking people inhabiting Limpopo province, South Africa, and constituting the major group of the Northern Sotho ethnolinguistic cluster of peoples, who numbered about 3,700,000 in the late 20th century.
How do Sotho get married?
A Basotho woman who has gone through initiation is eligible for marriage. Arranged marriages used to be common among Basotho leaders and chief’s children, ancestry and kinship connections were important to regulate social and legal relations. The boy’s father usually proposed by approaching the girl’s parents.
Who takes lobola money?
The giving of lobolo is agreed to between the two families of the couple (the future husband and wife). Cattle was traditionally given as lobolo, but money or other gifts can also be given.
What is lobola in Sotho?
Lobola can also be referred to as mahadi or magadi in Southern Sotho, Pedi and Tswana respectively or bride price in English. These words will therefore be used interchangeably throughout the article, whether the word lobola or mahadi is used, the essence is still the same.


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