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bon bon material dresses – What kind of fabric is Bon Bon?
Bonbon fabric is both high fashion and versatile. It makes the perfect fabric for maternity and evening wear. It is smooth, synthetic and 100% polyester Spandex. This fabric is both versatile and elegant which comes in over 20 different colours.
Is Bon Bon fabric cool?
Bon-bon is a very smooth synthetic fabric made out of 100% polyester Spandex. Its a high quality stretch and lightweight fabric. Benefits? It’s a top quality stretching fabric, which is light and airy, simply great for summertime!
bon bon material dresses – What is Trilobal fabric?
In fibers, trilobal is a cross-section shape with three distinct sides. The shape is advantageous for optical reflective properties and is used in textile fibers.
What is chiffon?
Chiffon is a term that is used to refer to a wide variety of different types of fabrics that all share similar qualities. This type of fabric is sheer , which means that it is light and semi-transparent with a simple weave.
bon bon material dresses – What is scuba material?
In very simple terms, it is a lofty double knit fabric made from polyester fibre commonly with 2 way stretch. It is smooth on both sides, has low lustre sheen and full bodied drape. This fabric is very popular among fashion brands because of it’s versatility and the body it gives to the garment.
How do you clean bon bon material?
Bon-Bon: For Bon-bon, a spot wash with a soapy solution in lukewarm water is recommended. This type of garment should be rinsed with clear water and air-dried. Bengaline: As it is a very sensitive smooth-surfaced fabric, cold machine wash and line dry is recommended.
bon bon material dresses – What material is used for maternity clothes?
Fabric Makes a Difference

Good maternity clothes are made with strong and stretchy material that adjusts to the inevitable growth of your body, providing snugness, flattery, and support. The best kinds of fabrics are natural ones such as cotton, modal, and bamboo, because they are soft and allow steady breathing.
What is modal in fabric?
Modal fabric is a bio-based fabric that is made from spinning beech tree cellulose. Modal is generally considered a more eco-friendly alternative to cotton because beech trees don’t require much water to grow and therefore the production process uses about 10-20 times less water.
bon bon material dresses – How much does trilobal fabric cost?

R30.00 R20.00 Sale!
What is the coolest fabric to wear in hot weather?
What Are The 9 Best Summer Fabrics?
Cotton. Cotton is one of the best fabrics for summer and hot weather. Linen. Linen is another top choice for a breathable fabric to wear in hot weather conditions. Rayon. Denim/Chambray. Polyester. Nylon. Silk. Micromodal.
bon bon material dresses – What is trilobal nylon?
Trilobal nylon is a very useful fibre, whether used on it’s own or incorporated in a blend. The fibre is trangular in cross section so this causes it to reflect light giving a sparkling effect. This white nylon will take a dye in much the same way as a wool. Nylon is the only synthetic that has this property.
Is chiffon better than polyester?
Silk chiffon drapes and has better movement than polyester and cotton chiffon. It hugs the figure and folds well while creating curtains and movements.
bon bon material dresses – Is polyester and chiffon the same?
Chiffon Basics

Chiffon is made from fibers other than silk, like cotton and synthetic materials like polyester or nylon. Polyester is by far the most popular today. These blends offer a more affordable price range and a variation in fabric properties.
Which is more expensive chiffon or georgette?
Chiffon sarees are more expensive compared to georgette sarees. Georgette sarees are more durable and stronger than chiffon.
bon bon material dresses – Are scuba dresses hot?
This is due to being made from synthetic materials. Neoprene is not known for its breathability, and neither is spandex. Polyester is somewhat breathable, but overall, the fabric has a very low level of breathability. That said, clothing made of scuba fabric can cause the wearer to feel warm and stuffy.
What is scuba material in a dress?
Scuba is the fashion variety of the well known Neoprene material (also known as Chloroprene rubber). A double knit fabric that is normally a poly which has been mixed with Lycra or Spandex. It has a very smooth texture and a fine gauge thread. Scuba fabric is very springy.


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