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bikini lightening – How can I lighten my bikini area fast?
Combine equal parts yogurt and oatmeal in a bowl (1/4 cup of each will do it but you can add more). Apply the mixture on the parts you wish to whiten and then gently scrub until the dead skin flakes off. Do this at least once or twice a week.
How can I lighten my bikini PH?
Combine equal parts oatmeal and plain yogurt. Apply the mixture on the parts you want to whiten and gently scrub. Do this once or twice a week. If you prefer to use a product specifically made for bikini area whitening, we’ve rounded up some of the latest cult favorites of Modern Filipinas.
bikini lightening – Can I bleach my bikini area?
You should not use harsh chemicals like bleaching cream on your pubic region as the skin there is delicate. There are many natural remedies to get rid of the dark skin in the pubic area.
Why is my private area dark?
Secretion of hormones causes the production of extra melanin in the intimate area. It makes the private area skin darker. The skin in intimate parts gets darker as you grow up. However, the sudden and excessive darkening can be due to an underlying disease or infection.
bikini lightening – Is dark bikini area normal?
Overall, we can all agree that experiencing skin darkening around the bikini line or pubic area is extremely common and very normal for anyone to experience. There are a variety of sources for this skin discoloration, whether external or genetic.
Can bio oil lighten bikini area?
Bio Oil Purcellin Oil

This multi-purpose oil is popularly known for fading scars and reducing the appearance of stretch marks, but it can also help get rid of discolorations in the bikini area!
bikini lightening – Can Kojic lighten bikini area?
Marie France Tone-Perfecting Cream Soap is made of pure kojic acid. So it’s perfect for effective whitening for inner thighs, buttocks, and other problem areas. With regular use, you will get natural-looking fairer skin.
How can we remove blackness of private parts?
The discoloration of dark inner thighs may even stretch into the bikini or groin area.

In some cases, home remedies may help lighten dark skin on your thighs.
Coconut oil and lemon juice. Sugar scrub. Oatmeal yogurt scrub. Baking soda and water paste. Aloe vera. Potato rub.
bikini lightening – How can I lighten my butt area?
Potato juice and honey

Extract some potato juice and add some honey to it. Mix together and apply on the inner thighs and buttocks. Rinse off the area with cold water after some time. Repeat this remedy twice or thrice a day to get white and glowing skin.

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