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asscher cut diamond earrings – Are Asscher diamonds more expensive?
Asscher cut diamonds can be more expensive than other diamond shapes – but they aren’t necessarily the most expensive. Round brilliant-cut diamonds are typically the most expensive due to their popularity and extreme sparkle.
What is the best setting for an Asscher cut diamond?
Best Setting for Asscher Cut Diamond

The best setting for an Asscher Cut diamond is a solitaire, because it makes the unique design of the Asscher Cut stand out. Asscher Cut engagement rings are available in white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, and platinum.
asscher cut diamond earrings – Which diamond cut is best for earrings?
Round and princess cut diamonds are the most popular diamond shapes for stud earrings. Both are known for their classic, symmetrical look and offer maximum brilliance and sparkle. If you are aiming for an edgier style, the four-prong metal basket of the princess cut diamond is a good choice for you.
What is special about Asscher cut diamond?
This cut features large step facets and a high crown that produces a brilliance unlike any other diamond shape. In fact, diamond experts often refer to the shine and sparkle of an Asscher cut diamond as an endless hallway with reflective mirrors.
asscher cut diamond earrings – Is Asscher cut more expensive than emerald?
The Bottom Line: Emeralds and Asscher cut are both less expensive than a comparable round brilliant. BUT, it’s likely that you’ll be choosing higher color and clarity grades. Their tendency to show color and inclusions more easily can drive the price higher than you were initially anticipating.
Is Asscher cut rare?
Only 2% of diamonds are cut into Asschers, so finding one that has the perfect combination of carat, quality, and price is going to test your patience.
asscher cut diamond earrings – Which diamond cut shines the most?
Statistically, a round diamond cut sparkles the most out of all diamond shapes. It’s the diamond’s ability to reflect light within exact proportions. All brilliant fancy shapes can give excellent sparkle if the round diamond isn’t for you.
What is the difference between Asscher cut and emerald cut?
The primary difference between emerald cuts and asscher cuts is the shape. Traditional emerald cuts are elongated rectangles with the corners cut out. Asscher cuts are square versions of emerald cuts with more prominently truncated corners. This gives them an almost octagonal shape.
asscher cut diamond earrings – How do I choose the best diamond stud earrings?
The GIA 4Cs – color, clarity, cut and carat weight – are the universal standard for evaluating diamond quality. Quality is tied to price, so consider the 4Cs your best friend in helping you find diamond stud earrings that are not only beautiful, but also the best value.
Do diamond studs look good on everyone?
Stud earrings look good on everyone, but certain face shapes look better with certain types of studs. These styles will highlight certain features on the face, making the person wearing them look even more beautiful.
asscher cut diamond earrings – Do round or square earrings look better?
Square shaped faces do not narrow much from the cheekbone to the forehead, nor from the cheekbone to the jaw line. Elongated, dangling and hoop earrings are most flattering for square shaped faces. Earrings with rounded designs will soften the cheekbones and the jaw line.
Which diamond shape looks biggest?
Round Diamonds Give the Illusion of a Larger Stone

Which diamond shape looks biggest? “In terms of shape, round diamonds look larger for their carat weight than many other cuts,” Kwiat says. “The circular cut is not as deep, so much of the weight is reflected in its size appearance.”
asscher cut diamond earrings – How many facets are in Asscher?
While the Classic and Modern Asscher cuts are comprised of 58 facets, the Royal Asscher-cut boasts 74 facets and a higher crown. Both cuts were created by the Royal Asscher Company, but only the Royal Asscher-cut was ever patented.
What’s the difference between an Asscher cut and a princess cut diamond?
Asscher cut diamonds have cropped corners typically at a 45° angle, giving them an angular shape, while princess cut diamonds feature sharp corners giving them a more geometric appearance.
asscher cut diamond earrings – Which diamond cut is most expensive?
The most expensive diamond cut is the round brilliant because it wastes the highest amount of rough stone – around 60% on average – during the cutting process.
Is Asscher cut the same as cushion cut?
Cushion cut diamonds have rounded corners, while Asscher cut diamonds have truncated corners that appear more like flat edges. When the corners of the diamond are covered with prongs, as they often are in an engagement ring setting, this difference is less noticeable.
When did the Asscher cut diamond come out?
The Asscher cut was invented in 1902 by Joseph Asscher who received a patent for the cut, protecting it up until WWII. In 1903, Joseph’s son, Abraham Asscher cuts the world’s largest diamond at the time, The Excelsior, into ten stones.


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