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amara la negra bikini – What is Amara La Negra real hair?
On Sunday, July 5, the cast member of “Love and Hip Hop Miami” shared a photo on Instagram that showed her rocking her natural mane. Amara is known for her signature larger-than-life afro, so some people were taken aback when they saw the Afro-Latina reality star sporting a small top knot bun.
Is Amara La Negra and Alan still together?
Amara and Allan has officially expanded their family by two! On April 6, 2022, both Amara and Allan took to Instagram to announce the arrival of their twin daughters. Allan wrote his tribute post in Spanish that translates as: “Grateful to father God for the blessing of becoming the father of two beautiful twins.
amara la negra bikini – What is Amara La Negra famous for?
Diana Danelys De Los Santos (born October 4, 1990), known professionally as Amara La Negra, is an American singer, actress, dancer, author, and television host. De los Santos is an Afro-Latina of Dominican descent, and is most known for her role on the VH1 reality TV show Love & Hip Hop: Miami.
What happened to Amara La Negra?
Back in April, Amara spoke with Telemundo’s Latinx Now! and revealed she lost 35 pounds due to stress. “There was a lot of stuff going on in my life,” she said. “I love it! And to be honest, I embrace my stretch marks, my cellulite, my dimples my everything because I can still get it.
amara la negra bikini – Does Amara La Negra wear wigs?
Lately, it seems La Negra has been keeping her signature afro hidden under several different types of wigs. In fact, it appears that she has scrapped from Instagram all photos of herself wearing her natural hair out.
How much Amara is worth from Love & Hip Hop Miami?
The Miami native has chronicled her rise to mainstream stardom on the show, and she’s also used her platform to speak about the injustices and inequality that Afro-Latinos face in the music industry and in everyday life. WealthyPersons reports Amara La Negra’s net worth in 2021 as $2 million.
amara la negra bikini – Who is Amara pregnant by?
The reality TV star and Afro-Latina singer recently revealed that her on-again, off-again boyfriend and real estate broker Allan Mueses is the father to her twin girls in an Instagram post.
Is Amara pregnant by Allen?
After months of speculation surrounding the identity of the unconfirmed father of the children, Amara La Negra finally announced that Allan Mueses is her baby daddy, before removing the post from the Instagram account.
amara la negra bikini – How much is Amara worth?
In 2021, Wealthy Persons reports that Amara La Negra’s net worth is estimated at $2m. Amara has been performing for 25 years but she’s yet to make it as an A-List star.
How much does Amara La Negra weigh?
230 pounds with no kids. No ma’am! I knew I needed to get my life back on track.”
amara la negra bikini – Who is pregnant on Love and Hip Hop Miami?
Amara La Negra’s pregnancy journey

“Two weeks after missing my period I started bleeding, having really bad cramps! I was having a miscarriage,” she explained. “I cried for days cause I really did want to have that baby! I’m not getting any younger.”
Is Amara pregnant with twins?
Amara La Negra gave birth to her twins. And the babies are already Miami influencers. They’re here and they’re spectacular.
amara la negra bikini – Is Amara with Allen?
Love and Hip Hop Miami star and American singer, Amara La Negra, has had an on-off relationship with boyfriend Allan Mueses. He has become a new addition to the latest season of the VH1 show.
What is Amara La Negra real name?
Born in Miami as Diana Danelys De los Santos, Amara grew up singing, dancing, and acting. At 4, she won a competition that landed her on the wildly-successful Hispanic variety show, Sábado Gigante. It was on the show where she was first exposed to what would turn out to be lifelong scrutiny of her blackness.
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